European Arteast Foundation

Vennice Biennale Arte

The European ArtEast Foundation is celebrating their support of a major performance program devised by Ralph Rugoff, Artistic Director of the 58th Venice Biennale of Art, and Aaron Cezar, Director of Delfina Foundation. As part of “Meetings on Art” this is supported by the European ArtEast Foundation.

This is part of the official public program of the Venice Biennale, the performance programme consisting of 15 different shows is commissioned by the Arts Council England for the opening week in May and the final weekend of the biennale in November.

Amongst others, this programs’ artists have recently been featured in Frieze Magazine as well as in The Art Newspaper. As part of a major collaboration, the European ArtEast Foundation is co-presenting the performances with the Venice Biennale throughout the gardens of the Giardini and Arsenale, as well as Teatro Piccolo Arsenale.

We are proud to support and present you an artist that we believe in and had the pleasure to support already; Polish-English artist Alex Baczynski Jenkins.


Frieze Art Fair 2018. London.
Photo by Linda Nylind.

Untitled (Holding Horizon), 2018

A neon sign created by the Warsaw-based feminist and queer collective Kem—of which the artist is co-founder and member—will be installed above the entrance and switched on when the performance is happening. Untitled (Holding Horizon) (2018) draws on the box step, a basic movement used in several social dances, to explore collectivity, subjectivity, queer embodiment and desire. Synchronised movements co-exist with moments of slippage and letting go, each performer embodying individual and shared gestures and affections. The performers both affect, and become affected by, the live sound and light mixing. In this altered state, the box step becomes a container for the relational force that resides in moving with others.