To our friends, collaborators, followers, forerunners and anyone concerned.
In the past weeks, we have all had to adapt to the challenges presented to us given the circumstances we are facing. In no doubt the recent events caused by this global modern pande- mic have forced us all, to adapt to new, temporary, measures and customs.

Our whole society has become confronted with a new reality and things we consider as certain and natural in our every day lives, suddenly we are advised to temporarily give up or live without.

We at the European ArtEast Foundation, believe that this is a time of reflection, sensibility, compassion and creativity.
Rest assured, we are still working relentlessly, without any planned interruption to any of our projects or our programming.

We believe that our aim, especially in these solitary times, is to bring you, our invested and passionate art loving community around the world, closer to each other.

This we will do by continuously sharing the endless treasures and incredible variety of the eastern European visual art world.

We strive to continue to provide a global perspective on Eastern European art and culture, especially in these uncertain times, in the comfort of your living room and computer screen.

Whilst still planing exhibitions and shaping our programing, we will persistently emphasize our research projects and con- tinue our work with various publications and institutions aro- und the world.

Furthermore, to bring our aim and message closer to you, we will also institute a general restructure and reconditioning of our website and social media platforms.

Stay tuned for news and stay safe and healthy.

Kindest regards,
Your devoted European ArtEast Foundation Team

Artur Trawinski

Maria Rus Bojan

Jonathan Tybel